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Total Energy Solution Leader, Hyosung Heavy Industries


In 2021, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development elevated South Korea’s status from a developing nation to an advanced nation group. This change positioned South Korea rightfully among advanced countries. Heavy industries have led Korea's economic growth since the 1970s, making it the significant and dominant country we see today. A result of heavy industries, South Korea has overcome the scars of war and embarked on a growth path. While economic growth was booming, sustainable development, which protects the environment, was neglected. While developing technologies for coexistence with the planet, Hyosung initiated the development of technologies at a point when everyone sought ways to protect the Earth.

Hyosung Heavy Industries anticipates the development and bright future of South Korea's heavy industry. That’s how Hyosung Heavy Industries came up with the slogan 'Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow.' Hyosung aims to achieve continuous R&D and VOC listening as a ‘Total Energy Solution Leader’ in the global power industry. As a global leader in creating future energy, Hyosung Heavy Industries aims to realize a low-carbon society for a brighter future for humanity and the environment.



Harvest of Listening VOC, Electricity PU

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a prominent power equipment manufacturer specializing in transformers and circuit breakers that play a crucial role in power transmission and distribution networks. Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leader in the development and supply of eco-friendly materials for insulating power equipment. As the leading producer of 70% of the essential power supply products, we have successfully developed South Korea's inaugural 400kV environmentally friendly insulating transformer. Additionally, we have introduced innovative solutions like the Hyosung Power Equipment Asset Management Solution and the Mobile Power Equipment Solution. We have showcased exceptional technical prowess through various projects, including successful exporting phase-shifting transformers and high-capacity ultra-high-voltage circuit breakers. A key part of Hyosung Heavy Industries business process is actively participating in developing MVDC stations and listening to customer feedback to improve customer value. This is referred to as Voice of the Customer (VOC).

Eskom project in South Africa is one notable example. In 2018, Eskom, a utility company in South Africa, secured financial agreements with international financial institutions like the World Bank and made an announcement regarding their plans to introduce the first-ever Utility Scale BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) in Africa. This system will have a total capacity of 360MW and 1,440MWh, and it will be implemented in two phases. Our focus was not solely on technical capabilities but rather on developing a strong bidding strategy based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements and comprehensive market and environmental analyses.

Hyosung Heavy Industries conducted active VOC activities and found that its technical capabilities and competencies in safety, health, environment, and quality management were important evaluation criteria. Hyosung Heavy Industries recently organized a technology seminar and released a BESS white paper to showcase the reliability of its technology. We successfully met customer demands by acquiring ISO 45001 certification for its safety and health management system and implemented procedures to manage environmental hazards effectively.

In addition, Hyosung Heavy Industries effectively addressed customer needs by maintaining ongoing communication. When we encountered issues with key components, switching to a portable product was initially suggested for a quick implementation of necessary measures. Hyosung Heavy Industries directly hired and trained engineers required for the 5-year maintenance through our local subsidiary, allowing us to perform the work directly. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, six employees, including construction and electrical engineers, as well as sales representatives, remained on site for several months to carry out maintenance work. Furthermore, by carefully considering the market and customer requirements, Hyosung Heavy Industries achieved the highest evaluation score. They ultimately secured the final contract by presenting the most competitive proposal.

The Eskom project in South Africa was a shining example of Hyosung Heavy Industries' technical expertise and commitment to listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC).



Combining Technical Expertise with VOC, Electric Generation PU

Hyosung is doing its best to achieve carbon neutrality, protect humanity and the environment, and lead a sustainable future. The low-carbon society that Hyosung is creating is a hydrogen society with hydrogen as the main energy source, and Hyosung Heavy Industries plays a significant role in the hydrogen value chain created by Hyosung. Hyosung Heavy Industries is building a gaseous hydrogen fueling system infrastructure to expand the supply of fuel cell electric vehicles and commercial hydrogen vehicles based on the hydrogen economy. Starting with the first hydrogen fueling station completed in 2019, we have distributed 18 hydrogen fueling stations and expanded the its infrastructure in line with the completion of the liquid hydrogen plant in 2023. Hyosung Heavy Industries plans to build more than 120 hydrogen fueling stations nationwide in the short term and will continue to distribute various infrastructure necessary for the hydrogen society in the future.

Hyosung Heavy Industries, the first domestic electric motor manufacturer, stands out as a preferred choice for many countries and companies due to its extensive technical expertise and profound know-how in the field, including self-design capabilities for electric motors. Notably, our position as the leading domestic market share holder is a testament not only to its technical excellence but also to its attentiveness to customer needs, as reflected in the diverse VOCs (Voice of Customer) received. By attaining not only the domestic KS standards but also adhering to the standards of major countries worldwide, such as the United States, Europe, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, Hyosung ensures that its electric motors not only fulfill customer requirements but also maintains high reliability by complying with international benchmarks like IEC and NEMA. Furthermore, the acclaim received by Hyosung's electric motors as the optimal choice for various installation locations and purposes, both domestically and internationally, underscores our dedication to integrating customer demands and innovative design capabilities.

We actively reflect the era's demand for carbon neutrality through the development of eco-friendly technology. Recently, as international environmental regulations have been strengthened, demand for environmentally friendly hybrid propulsion equipment, such as shaft generators, solutions for eco-friendly ships, and energy savings, has increased. Hyosung Heavy Industries has developed and launched a 2MW-rated shaft generator motor system that utilizes 'permanent magnets,' a first in Korea, in response to market demand and in collaboration with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. In 2019, Hyosung had previously succeeded in indigenizing the induction-based shaft generator motors in partnership with DSME.

Subsequently, we also developed a large-capacity 5MW permanent magnet synchronous generator (SGM) for ultra-large container ships, boasting over 2% higher efficiency and a smaller size than the induction-based counterparts. This product was tailored to meet the Voice of Customer (VOC) requirements of shipowners.

In addition, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been satisfied customers' demands in various industries, such as generators produced since the 1970s and globalized rotating machinery and industrial machinery sectors, by combining customer VOC and Hyosung Heavy Industries' technical expertise.


Leading the Eco-friendly Energy Sector, the Wind Power Business Unit

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leading domestic company in the competitive renewable energy sector, specifically wind power generation. In 2006, we achieved a significant milestone by developing the first domestic 750kW wind turbine. Building on this success, we further expanded our portfolio by developing a 2MW wind turbine in 2009 and a 5.5MW offshore wind turbine in 2014, establishing a diverse lineup of models. Notably, Hyosung provides not only the essential components for wind power generation but also offers a total solution for wind energy, encompassing wind turbines, EPC, as well as O&M services.

Hyosung Heavy Industries is recognized as a global clean energy company that realizes a human- and environment-centered society through our wind power generation technology and comprehensive engineering capabilities.



Hyosung Heavy Industries is advancing as a "Total Energy Solution Leader" through its exceptional technological capabilities and forward-looking initiatives anticipating market needs. Our goal is to handle the energy essential to humanity with innovative technologies as its foundation. To achieve this, Hyosung Heavy Industries is leveraging R&D-centered differentiated solutions and technology leadership to secure technological competitiveness, enabling the realization of innovative power grid operation systems as well as developing high-value-added products and services. Throughout this process, Hyosung Heavy Industries actively listens to and incorporates Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback from both domestic and international sources into our research and development efforts.


Hyosung Heavy Industries will continue to lead the power market with differentiated technological competitiveness that responds to the customers’ voice. With the vision of becoming the "Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow," we aim to play a vital role in spearheading the era of low-carbon green life. Additionally, while fulfilling the mission of "Generating and Leading Energy for Humanity," Hyosung Heavy Industries will embody the essence of its business, which revolves around people and technology. We are committed to delivering "essential energy for people, by people," as it turns fundamental capabilities into a reality.