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ESG brand system of the entire Hyosung Group

ESG brand system of the entire Hyosung Group is divided into four areas with circular economy and carbon neutrality as its representative Hyosung Heavy Industries is making efforts for technological innovation in both the fields of Net-Zero Circulation and Energy Innovation.

  • Net-Zero Circulation

    • Circular
    • Carbon
  • Energy Innovation

    • New
    • Energy

5 Themes of Hyosung Group RE:GEN

Group ESG brand "RE:GEN" consists of a total of 5 themes under its umbrella

  • RE:GEN

      Plastic threatens not only animals on land but also the marine ecosystem. Hyosung and affiliates are striving to achieve zero waste by building a circular economy that recycles plastic waste disposed of on land and sea.


      Another pillar that makes up Hyosung's circular economy and adds new functions and values to recycling plastic waste; upcycling is our effort to meet the industrial demand of various sectors. General recycling will limit the demand inevitably, but adding new functions can extend the new life cycle of plastics.


      All affiliates of Hyosung minimize carbon emissions generated from the production process and manufactured products and inhibit carbon that can generate in the business activities as much as possible. Ultimately, all affiliates adopt the technology agenda aiming for net zero.


      Without the source of energy for humanity's economic activities, civilization will collapse. Therefore, our aim is to develop a value chain including materials, parts, operational technologies, and the overall distribution system in order to boost the commercialization and efficiency of hydrogen and renewable energy over fossil fuels.


      Resources we use should not be wasted. All affiliates of Hyosung strive to practice this based on the philosophy of minimizing energy and resource consumption, as well as harmful factors, in all production and operation cycles.

RE:GEN brand of each business company

Hyosung develops and executes plans to expand the will of our business companies and external partners centering on our ESG brand, RE:GEN. We will further strengthen our marketing and communication strategies so that more products reflect ESG values and influence more clients and end users, thereby growing into a substantive ESG brand.
In 2022, Hyosung Group's key business companies declared the company-specific ESG brand vision and essence as the goal, by adding their own business characteristics based on the Group’s ESG brand, RE:GEN, in compliance with this RE:GEN goal. Also, by matching each ESG brand with the vision of each affiliate, we ensured that ESG is at the core of all businesses. RE:GEN of each business company makes sure that their business activities qualify as ESG activities.
Hyosung avoids superficial approaches to ESG, and through branding, we strive to further expand the meaning of RE:GEN throughout society with our partners. All affiliates adopt advanced ESG for each theme in their business. Through this, Hyosung’s ESG brand “RE:GEN” fosters technology development and product expansion in order to build a more eco-friendly and sustainable world, while also striving to spread the company's good intentions both internally and externally. We are moving one step closer to the goal of achieving the “ESG ecosystem.”

RE:GEN brand of each business company
Major affiliates Corporate brand vision ESG brands of each company
Hyosung TNC Innovation for Better Lifestyle & Tomorrow RE:GEN ECO LIFESTYLE
Hyosung Advanced Materials Discover New Safety, New comfort through Future Materials RE:GEN FUTURE MATERIALS
Hyosung Chemical The Next Chemistry RE:GEN NEXT CHEMISTRY
Hyosung Heavy Industries Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow RE:GEN NEW ENERGY
Hyosung TNS Global Human Experience Maker RE:GEN SMART IT