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Spearheaded by the best technical experts working within a company
with a 60-year history of innovation, Hyosung Heavy Industries recognizes trust
and quality as the driving forces at the center of the energy business.
As a company providing energy solutions that impact everyone,
we understand the value of technology that is powering people’s daily lives. We are uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact on the world by delivering on our promise to focus on
society’s needs and developing technology for the benefit of all. Our technology is designed and created
‘by people for people.’ We foster a trusting, working relationship within our Hyosung corporate community
that creates better technology, and that technology builds up trust with our customers.
Every day we strive to develop better energy technology solutions to benefit society.
Eco-friendly infrastructure solutions with technologies aligned
closely to nature being designed and built by Hyosung today are
the right energy solutions for society…right now. We are uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact on the world by delivering new people-centered, smart,
distributed, and multi-directional energy systems such as efficient energy storage systems (ESS); STATCOM for
grid stability, direct current transmission, distribution systems and power IT solutions; liquefied hydrogen
charging stations, and eco-friendly industrial machinery solutions.
Hyosung Heavy Industries’ core business centers on energy production and our innovative technology is
driven by our principles of benefitting society and protecting the environment.
Company Profile A total energy solution company leading the era of transition