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Sustainable Supply Chain Operating Philosophy

Hyosung Heavy Industries has implemented and operates numerous programs to ensure business competitiveness through the operation of a
sustainable supply chain and to lay the groundwork for an ethical society via fair trade with partners. By doing so, we will stay committed to
becoming a company that abides by the law as a responsible member of society and strives to create a thriving supply chain ecosystem.

  1. Expansion of ESG
    values in the supply
    • Fair trade
    • Mutual Cooperation
  2. Building a healthy
    chain ecosystem
  • Establishment of four major practices of fair trade and Procurement Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practicee

    To contribute to the establishment of transparent and reasonable trade practices in the operation of the supply chain and the establishment of a fair order in subcontracting, Hyosung Heavy Industries pursues fairness and trust in our relationships with all supply chains by implementing the four fair trade practices in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission's guidelines as compliance regulations for mutual growth and by establishing and adhering to the Procurement Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

  • Operation of mutual growth programs to construct a robust supply chain

    Hyosung Heavy Industries aims to establish a thriving business ecosystem of mutual growth so as to ensure the growth and development of partner companies. We will conduct transactional practices such as support for financial affairs, training, employment, technology development, and management, and support partner companies' efforts to become more competitive.

  • Promotion of supply chain sustainability

    Hyosung Heavy Industries will operate a sustainable supply chain through regular and systematic inspections and open communication with partners. By doing so, we will improve the purchasing environment and spread ESG value throughout the supply chain in accordance with changing times.