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Hyosung Heavy Industries, the No. 1 producer of electric motors in Korea,
is leading the global market for key products for industrial equipment.

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Emergency Power Generators

Hyosung emergency power generators are supplied to regions without access to electricity or where high-quality power is required in emergency situations.

Our primary goal is to deliver customer-specific solutions those are highly reliable and productive.

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.

High-speed emergency power generator Medium-speed emergency power generator
Overview The high-speed diesel engine generator set of Hyosung, which
is the first in Korea to apply the PMG system, is considered
the best power supply for power plants and industrial facilities
for noise and vibration control. It is also served as an emergency
power supply for residence.
Hyosung's medium-speed diesel engine generator set provides
an ideal solution by supplying reliable, high-quality power
to sites requiring mass energy, including LNG storage.
Hyosung's high-speed diesel engine generators are equipped
with engines sourced from various global manufacturers and
are highly versatile as they serve as primary and auxiliary
power sources for a variety of applications including industrial
facilities such as factories and power plants, as well as
residential spaces such as buildings and apartments. Hyosung
focuses on delivering customer satisfaction by tailoring our
system to the specific characteristics and requirements of each
facility and ensuring stable power supply.
Hyosung's medium-speed generator is considered the best
solution for providing reliable, high-quality power to remote
areas likes islands, as well as residential areas such as
hospitals and industrial complexes.
  • Application of the PMG system for the first time in Korea
  • Flawless vibration and noise control
  • Various types can be applied, including bonnet and container
  • High reliability and efficiency
  • Stable power supply
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Power equipment for 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Main power facilities such as power plants
  • Residential backup power systems such as for apartments and buildings
  • Main power facilities such as power plants
  • Auxiliary power facilities for emergencies
Scope of production
  • Output: 60~3,000KW
  • Voltage: 380~13,800V
  • Frequency: 50Hz(1,500rpm), 60Hz(1,800rpm)
  • Output: 300~20,000kW
  • Voltage: 380~13,200V
  • Number of poles: 6~14P


Our track records speak for ourselves.

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    KNPC Clean Fuel Project MAB1

  • Malaysia

    RGT2 Terminal Project

  • Peru

    Puerto Bravo Project

  • Vietnam

    NSRP Complex Project

  • Angola

    Marubeni Tekmatex Angola Phase-3 Project

  • Philippines

    SM200 Power Station Project


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