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We provide optimized welding solutions based on excellent quality and performance and lead the market with continuous product development.

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Robot Package Systems

Since entering the business in 1978, we have secured related technologies through technical cooperation with Japan's Daihen and fostered growth in the markets through diversification centered on the domestic and international automobile and shipbuilding markets.

In particular, the automobile market is a quality market linked to robot automation, and Hyundai Robotics, a Korean company, and foreign companies like Yaskawa, OTC, Panasonic, Nachi, ABB and KUKA are competing in the welding field with robot packages.

Hyosung Heavy Industries has supplied arc and resistance welders to the automobile industry, primarily to automotive body manufacturers, taking up a 70% market share for arc welding machines. To further expand the market, we entered the arc robot package market in 2019 and the resistance and handling robot package markets in the following year through a strategic partnership with the Japanese company FANUC.


Discover solutions customized for multiple industries.

We have integrated our welding solutions into robotics.

The combination of Hyosung Heavy Industries' high-performance arc and resistance welders for FANUC's robots
cutting-edge arc and spot welding robots is the optimal welder and robot combination. It improves welding productivity and quality by
interfacing with high-performance digital communication for high-speed control of robots and welders.

  • Arc Welding Robot Package

    ZiSOL & ARC Mate 100iD

  • Spot Welding Robot Package

    M600 & Inverter TR & R-2000iC

We consistently supply the automobile and shipbuilding industries with robot packages.

In 2019, Hyosung Heavy Industries signed a strategic agreement with Japan's FANUC, and by the end of 2022, we delivered approximately 1,000 robot packages to automotive body manufacturers such as Sungwoo Hitech, Wooshin Industrial and shipbuilding-related companies such as Sangsangin Heavy Industries.
Currently, factories in Korea, the US, Mexico, and India are utilizing our robot packages.

Robot packages delivered(Unit: pieces)

Classification 2019년 2020년 2021 year 2021 year Total
Arc Welding Robot Package 90 30 20 30 170
Spot Welding Robot Package - 210 220 310 740

In addition to arc and spot welding, we are expanding into diverse robot package markets.

Although we entered the robot package market with a focus on arc and spot welding, we plan to expand into industries that use welding equipment and industrial robots in addition to the power equipment and automobile markets in the future through robot automation.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Welding Quality Control through Real-time Monitoring

    • Easy to locate anomalies via distance and position display.
    • Easy in-depth analysis of welding conditions with detailed graphs.
    • Possible to determine whether the displayed average values, maximum values, or minimum values are abnormal.
  • Welding Anomaly Monitoring Function

    • Warning and alarm ranges are displayed for welding status indicator numbers.
    • When the output is outside of the warning range, the number of current welding states is displayed in a different color.
  • Robot Stop Function

    • Using a stop function, the robot can be stopped at a predetermined point if the set time and number of times for the alarm range are exceeded during welding.
  • Recording of Welding Work Hours

    • Recording of actual welding time data on the memory card mounted on the main CPU board.
    • Can be checked within the Roboguide program.
  • Pre-review through the Roboguide Simulation Program

    • Evaluation of the design of tools and interference in advance.
    • Automatic creation of a Roboguide program.
  • Remote Monitoring

    • By combining Roboguide's simulation function with the on-screen display of the web function, remote robot operation and welding status monitoring are made possible remotely from the office from a great distance.


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • United States

    A100 and ELCV GM Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 40 sets of spot/handling robot packages
    • Delivered 20 sets of arc robot packages
  • Republic of Korea

    KY Hyundai Motors Project

    • Delivered 10 sets of spot/handling robot packages
    • Delivered 10 sets of arc robot packages
  • Mexico

    BEV3 GM Automobiles Project

    • M600 (TC) / Inverter TRs
    • Delivered 100 units
  • Vietnam

    Seojin System Manufacturing Facility Project

    • Delivered 10 sets of arc robot packages
  • Russia

    Zvezda Shipbuilding Yard Project

    • Delivered 20 sets of arc robot packages for ship production line
  • Republic of Korea

    MQ4 Hyundai Motors Project

    • Delivered 20 sets of arc robot packages for automotive muffler production line


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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