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Promising the Future Today

Hyosung promises tomorrow first

Hyosung also dreams of the future for all generations who will live today and tomorrow, as well as for our customers. Until now, tomorrow has always meant a better day than today for us. But for future generations, tomorrow is under threat, such as the environmental concerns and various problems. Hyosung is committed to preserving the potential of the earth with passion, developing new materials and technologies for it, enhancing the cleanliness of energy, and constructing infrastructure and ecosystems to maintain it, so that tomorrow can always mean "a better day.”

Hyosung is developing technology and testing possibilities today for a tomorrow that every generation can enjoy. We are dedicated to ensuring that the future of all humanity comes sooner and shines brighter.

Brand Essence

The essence of the brand is customer-centric innovation, customer experience creation, and ultimately quickly bringing tomorrow to today based on customer immersion.

This is a change to a company that acts cleverly as possible to meet customer needs, collects what is needed, and continuously endeavors. The brand essence also grants internal and external collaboration and leadership by providing velocity, efficiency, and agility based on customer needs within the rigid organization.

Agile Promise Agile promises to our customers
Be the First to Practice the Innovative & Sustainable Future for Customer
Global No.1 Innovative Solution Provider to Lead the Transition

Global Excellence Global Excellence for Customers

Agile changes to deliver the best value to customers

Innovation starts with the voice of customers, not from procedures or formality. Because we believe the best value comes from the appreciation of our customers, we focus on closely communicating and cooperating with them to be the first ones to fulfill the change that can satisfy our customers and make the best moves to keep our promise.

Accountability Responsibility for the Future

Utilizing the business's impact on customers and society

As members of a society that urgently requires not only growth but also realistic needs to fulfill a sustainable future, we, as a company, understand that all our activities may affect the very existence of the environment and future generations. Based on the sense of accountability that takes into account the technology’s influence on our days to come, we will contribute to delivering a more sustainable future.

Innovation Striving for Innovation

The courage to pursue the challenge of innovation

The innovation and change that transform the world are not made in a single day. All the things we go through become the foundation for the innovation of tomorrow. Hyosung will never be afraid of accepting new technologies, services, processes, and cultures that will benefit our customers and taking on challenges that require courage to fulfill innovations for our customers and bring changes that will create a better future.

Integrity Trust for Synergy

Communication and growth through a flexible team culture

We believe the best innovation comes from systematized synergy created from the unity of motivated individuals. We will work together to create even bigger values by establishing a more flexible organization so that all our stakeholders, including internal departments, can come up with a more efficient synergy. We will lavish our support and provision of resources for cooperation inside and outside of our company.

Promising the Future Today Hyosung promises tomorrow first.