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Establishment Direction of Brand Identity

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ identity is founded under the standpoints in the establishment of the brand identity and corresponding keywords.

Standpoints in establishing Hyosung Heavy Industries’ identity

  • Reinforce the strengths of
    Hyosung Heavy Industries

    Professional Technology
    Reinforce the competitiveness of unrivaled professional technology based on R&D by listening to the voices of the customer
  • Competitiveness accordingly
    to the business trend

    Total & Energy
    Reinforce the competitiveness of not only existing products but also eco-friendly and new businesses in line with the changing times
  • Differentiated approaches
    in competitions

    Customizing Quality
    Customizing capabilities and quality that meet the customer’s needs
  • Transition from product
    perspective to brand perspective

    Problem Solving Solutions
    Act as a comprehensive problem solver instead of simply a product provider desired by clients

Core keywords of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ identity

  • Reflected into the establishment of our identity

Brand Identity

Hyosung Heavy Industries' brand identity promises essential energy by people, for people by strengthening people and technology—the essence of business—into corporate competencies.

The Right Energy for Human

The core of Hyosung Heavy Industries’ business is people handling energy,
essential to humanity, for people based on the our innovative technology.

  • Subject of technology development

    By HumanEmployees of Hyosung Heavy Industries

  • Purpose of technology development

    For HumanConvenience for human life

  • Innovative Technology

A company solving business problems of customers through professional technologies in all sectors of energy business for people and quality personalized to customers. A company leading the successful entry into the global market and ultimately providing trust to every employee and customers.

  • Core Identity

    Dedicated / Flexible / Trustworthy / Visionary

  • Brand Slogan

    Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow