History of Hyosung Heavy Industries' growth and innovation

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Present - 2020

Leading the way for green growth

Hyosung Heavy Industries dreams of a sustainable
future and achieving an eco-friendly company
leading a better life for humanity.


  • Signed MOA with INNIO Jenbacher for 'Hydrogen Engine Generator Demonstration Project'
  • Established European R&D Center (Hyosung Heavy Industries R&D Center Netherlands)
  • Receive Carbon Management Honors Club and Carbon Management Sector Honors


  • Power facility asset management solution (ARMOUR), won the “Grand Prize of the 6th management competition for the 4th Industrial Revolution”
  • Forms MOU with Uljin-Gun for the Development of Nuclear Clean Hydrogen Sect
  • FSigned a contract designed to improve Ethiopia’s power supply network in the country’s southwestern areas
  • Signed the large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) supply contract with South Africa


2021. 12
  • Signed an MOU with Busan Metropolitan Government and Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) to foster the liquefied hydrogen industrial ecosystem in Busan
2021. 10
  • Extra high voltage transformer, circuit breaker STATCOM Changwon Plant Test Lab acquired certification of International Authorized Testing Agency (KOLAS)
2021. 02
  • Signed an agreement for joint venture investment in liquefied hydrogen business with Linde plc


2020. 12
  • Signed MVDC, LVDC construction project contract for the first time in Korea
2020. 10
  • Build Korea’s first liquefied hydrogen station in Samcheok
2020. 04
  • Signed an MOU with the Linde Group for liquid nitrogen business
2020. 02
  • Established the high-voltage transformer plant in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

2019 - 2010

Striving for corporate environmental
and social responsibilities

Hyosung Heavy Industries published the first
group-level Sustainability Report in 2012
and disclosed related activities, marking the
beginning of its spur in ESG management.


2019. 09
  • Completed a hydrogen energy station at the National Assembly in Yeouido
2019. 03
  • Sectorjoined Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet), an alliance of hydrogen charging station businesses
2019. 02
  • Changwon Plant received the Plaque of Appreciation from Changwon City for social contribution
2019. 01
  • won Green Energy awards at Korea Green Car Awards


2018. 06
  • Changwon Plant opened Hyosung Square in its exhibition center
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries was spun off
2018. 04
  • Established STATCOM production facility in Pune, India


2017. 11
  • Won the Minister Heavy Equipment Prize hosted in the 2017 Mutual Growth Week
  • Won the Top 10 Railway Technologies Award for its asset health management solution (AHMS) for substations
2017. 06
  • Changwon Plant established a STATCOM production factory


2016. 09
  • Began operating a breaker production plant in Pune, India


2015. 12
  • Developed MMC STATCOM and won first overseas orders (India, Panama)
  • Changwon Plant acquired S grade for PSM process safety management
2015. 07
  • Acquired international certification for the 5MW offshore wind power generation system
2015. 06
  • Changwon Plant signed “Voluntary Environmental Agreement for Fine Dust Reduction” with Gyeongsangnam-do


2014. 04
  • Heavy Industries PG won the 2013 Best GIS Contract at the 3rd Annual Contractor Interactive Session hosted by India’s National Electricity Bureau
2014. 02
  • Changwon Plant established a circuit breaker development/testing building unit
  • Heavy Industry SectorIndustrial Machinery PU supplied South Korea’s first CNG fueling station for taxis


2013. 12
  • Ultra high voltage shutdown systems 245kV GIS and 420kV class GIS were named the “2013 World's Best Product’”
2013. 06
  • Heavy Industries PG won the Product Strategy award at the "2013 Frost & Sullivan Korea Awards”
2013. 03
  • Power Systems PU landed a solar photovoltaic power turnkey project in Mozambique


2012. 12
  • Power Systems PU received the Excellence Award at the 2012 Korea Technology Awards
2012. 08
  • Developed an 1kW class dual cell stack
2012. 01
  • Hyosung’s PV inverter acquired CE certification


2011. 12
  • Changwon Plant received the 2011 Environment Management Excellent Enterprise Award
2011. 10
  • Power Systems PU received the IR52 Jang Yeongsil Award for its static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)
2011. 06
  • The Wind Power Business Division acquired international certification for its 750 kW and 2 MW onshore wind power generation systems


2010. 12
  • Received the Excellence Award at the 2010 Korea Technology Awards
2010. 08
  • Power Systems PU became the first Korean company to enter the Algerian electricity transmission/transformation market (landed an ultra high voltage substation project worth 100 billion KRW through package bidding)
2010. 01
  • Changwon Plant 3 established a ultra-high voltage transformer production plant and a high voltage motor production plant

2009 - 2000

Endless research and development
and differentiated technology
with global competitiveness

Hyosung Heavy Industries opens a new tomorrow
through endless research and development and
differentiated technology with global competitiveness
by developing 362 kV 50 kA gas insulation switchgear (GIS)
for the first time in Korea (2004).


2008. 04
  • Established the Changwon Reliability Evaluation Center


2007. 10
  • Established an 154kV intelligent substation for verification tests
2007. 08
  • Changwon Plant developed South Korea’s first and the world’s second 1,100kV ultra high voltage GIS
2007. 07
  • Heavy Industry PG's cumulative production of breakers exceeded 10,000 units
2007. 05
  • Signed a solar photovoltaic power generation facility supply agreement (entered solar photovoltaic energy business)
2007. 03
  • Heavy industrial PG held a completion ceremony for a localized 10MVA STATCOM facility


2006. 09
  • Established Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd
2006. 07
  • Heavy Industries PG held a completion ceremony for the Ganghwa-do's Seonjin CNC fueling station


2005. 04
  • Heavy Industries Research Institute and Korea Electric Power Corporation jointly held a completion ceremony for the Jeju-Haenam HVDC system simulator
2005. 02
  • Power Systems PU exported 750kV class GIS to China for the first time (2 units) January


2004. 10
  • Began developing South Korea's first compact type 245kV 50kA gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
2004. 04
  • Power Systems PU signed a 750kV class ultra-high voltage circuit breaker supply agreement with China’s Northwest China Grid Company Ltd
2004. 01
  • Heavy Industries PG developed South Korea’s first 362kV 50kA gas insulated switchgear (GIS)


2003. 11
  • Power Systems PU’s Jochiwon Plant acquired China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for all its welding machine products


2001. 11
  • Industrial Machinery PU won the Grand Prize in the Energy Technology Development section of the Companies category
2001. 10
  • Power Systems PU’s Changwon Plant acquired KEPIC certification
2001. 08
  • Jochiwon Plant developed South Korea’s first seam welding machine fitted with double iron-man


2000. 11
  • Heavy Industries PG developed a substation monitoring and control system
2000. 10
  • Heavy Industries PG became the first to successfully localize a 55kV GAS VT for trains in South Korea
2000. 09
  • Heavy Industries PG acquired ISO 14001 certification from BVQ1 international Certification
2000. 06
  • Power Systems PU became the third in the world to successfully localize 800kV 50kA 8000A GIS (Dangjin Thermal Power Plant)
2000. 02
  • Central Research Laboratory began developing a STATCOM for electric power distribution

1999 - 1990

Hyosung Heavy Industries
has been recognized for global
technology in the extra-high-voltage power
equipment sector

Hyosung Heavy Industries has been recognized
globally for its technologies in the
extra-high-voltage power equipment sector
by developing a 765 kV extra-high-voltage
transformer (1992) and 800 kV GIS (1999)
for the first time in Korea.


1999. 12
  • Power Systems PU installed transformers, gas insulated switchgear, and high voltage circuit breakers for Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant 5
1999. 10
  • Power Systems PU won the Grand Prize at the 1st Knowledge Management Awards
1999. 09
  • Changwon Plant localized a package type CNG fueling system in conjunction with the Korea Gas Corporation
1999. 05
  • Heavy Industries Research Center is successfully localizing a spot welding machine timer with its own technology
1999. 02
  • Developed South Korea's first 800kV 50kA 8000A GIS (the first of its kind in the world as GIS with a 2-pole breaker)


1998. 12
  • Developed the world's third and South Korea’s first UHV class gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
1998. 08
  • Developed South Korea’s first 200MVAR 345kV shunt reactor
1998. 04
  • Power Systems PU acquired certification for mold transformers from internationally accredited Italian agency CESI
  • Developed new product 362KV 63kA 8000A GIS


1997. 01
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Jochiwon Plant successfully conducted a load test of South Korea’s largest 765Kv pylon test site


1994. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries' high-speed train TFT signed MoU for a technical alliance with Germany's Siemens AG for AC traction motors and signed an agreement to supply an additional quantity of 52 trains to Daegu Subway Station Line 1
1994. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries became the first in South Korea to reach a cumulative production of 3 million industrial electric motors


1993. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries acquired ISO 9001 certification for all its products except industrial machinery


1992. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed South Korea’s first 765kV ultra-high voltage transformer
1992. 02
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed an inverter type CO2 welding machine


1990. 06
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed an amorphous transformer

1989 - 1962

A hidden driving force in
the power supply in Korea

Hyosung Heavy Industries has led the
transmission and substation industry by supplying
power equipment as main products including
extra-high-voltage transformers, circuit breakers,
and electric fields.


1989. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries successfully localized small-sized PLC
1989. 07
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries established Changwon Plant 4 (electric equipment production plant)


1988. 10
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries completed a large-scale (132kV) substation project in Bangladesh (132kV)
1988. 02
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries became the first in South Korea to export GIS to Japan


1987. 07
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won the VE Grand Prize
  • Heavy Industry SectorHyosung Heavy Industries established Changwon Plant 3 (rotary machine production plant)
  • Heavy Industry SectorHyosung Heavy Industries won the Electricity and Energy Grand Prize' for development of a low loss transformer
1987. 04
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit


1986. 02
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries acquired Canadian CSA certification for its 3-phase induction motor
1986. 01
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries adopted a business division system


1985. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries absorbed Kolon General Electric Co., Ltd. and Ssangyong Electric Co., Ltd.
1985. 08
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries held a ceremony for achieving a cumulative production of 1 million electric motors
1985. 07
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries designed and supplied 345kV gas insulated substations for Nuclear Power Plants 9 and 10 under construction in Uljin, Gyeongbuk


1984. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries’ Changwon Plant develops a 154kV 3-phase phase isolation transformer
1984. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won the Productivity Grand Award
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries absorbed Hyosung Construction Co., Ltd. Hyosung Heavy Industries was awarded the 20 Million Dollar Export Tower
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won the Quality Management Award
1984. 01
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries satisfied international standards ANSI in the short circuit strength testing of its 154kV 3-phase 60,000kVA large power transformer


1983. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries successfully developed a 362kV ultra-high pressure gas insulated power plant
1983. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries was awarded the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower
1983. 07
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries was awarded the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for development of its mold transformer
1983. 05
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries began exporting electric motors to the U.S.
1983. 01
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed a mold transformer


1982. 06
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries successfully produced South Korea’s first 345kV ultra-high pressure 3-phase transformer for nuclear power plants
1982. 01
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed an 150kV TM (traction motor)


1981. 12
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries exported 230kV Jamuna-river-crossing iron electricity transmission towers to Bangladesh
1981. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won the Industrial Standardization Gold Prize at the Korea National Quality Management Awards
1981. 02
  • S. R. Cho took office as the chairman of Hyosung Heavy Industries, with president Bae Ga-eun and president Choi Jong-won taking office as co- Chief Executive Officers


1980. 10
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries absorbed Ssangyong Electric and Kolon General Electric Established an exclusive production system for 154kV or higher transformers and breakers


1978. 11
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries developed South Korea's first and Asia’s second main transformer for super-sized power plants, 345kV 3-phase 475,000kVA
1978. 09
  • Hyosung Heavy Industry developed an 170kV GCB
1978. 07
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries successfully localized a 154kV mobile transformer
1978. 05
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries established the Technology Research Center
1978. 04
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries started producing a 3-phase high voltage induction motor
1978. 02
  • Hyosung Heavy Industry developed South Korea’s first 345kV class super-sized transformers


1977. 11
  • HanYoung Industrial changed its name to Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
1977. 09
  • HanYoung Industrial Co., Ltd. established Changwon Plant
1977. 08
  • HanYoung Industrial Co., Ltd. developed a 362kV gas breaker (GCB)


1976. 08
  • HanYoung Industrial exported its 154kV transformer to the Philippines
1976. 07
  • HanYoung Industrial began construction of a large-scale plant in Changwon National Industrial Complex


1975. 10
  • Acquired HanYoung Industrial Co., Ltd
  • S. R. Cho took office as the president of Hyosung Heavy Industries


1972. 06
  • Acquired KS certification for 3-phase low voltage electric motors


1969. 12
  • HanYoung Industrial produced South Korea’s first 154kV ultra-high voltage transformer


1966. 08
  • HanYoung Industrial established Yeongdeungpo Plant


1962. 05
  • Founded HanYoung Industrial Co., Ltd.