Eco Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the center of the innovation to supply sustainable energy.
We continue the innovation of energy transformation for a better tomorrow.

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Hydrogen Energy

Hyosung Heavy Industries achieves the energy paradigm shift to hydrogen for "carbon neutrality," the common goal of humanity.

Hyosung Heavy Industries achieves the energy paradigm shift to hydrogen for "carbon neutrality," the common goal of humanity. We take the lead in preparing for the future of hydrogens by producing blue hydrogen, CCS, and green hydrogen through constant research and investment in hydrogen application and technology.

Hydrogen Value Chain

The hydrogen economy serves as the pillar of the green new deal globally. With our four affiliates, Hyosung Group continues to create synergy in the core value chain of the hydrogen economy, consisting of "production, storage, transportation, and supply."

Hydrogen production

  • Petroleum, Coke, Naphtha
    • By-product hydrogen Chemical process
      • H2
      • Target matter
  • Natural gases, Water
    • Extracted hydrogen Extraction
      • H2
      • CO2
  • New & renewable energy, Water
    • Hydrogen produced from electrolysis Water electrolysis
      • H2
      • O2


  • Pipeline
  • Tube trailer
  • Liquefied hydrogen tank truck


  • For transport
  • For household/buildings
  • For power generation
  • For industrial use

Hydrogen Fueling Station

In the fueling station business, Hyosung Heavy Industries distributes hydrogen and CNG fueling stations based on the CNG compression technology accumulated by our participation in the government’s project of supplying eco-friendly vehicles since 2000.

No. 1 share in building hydrogen fueling stations in Korea (Hyosung Heavy Industries)

The hydrogen fueling system is a next-generation alternative fuel solution that aims to address the depletion of fossil fuels and global warming.
Hyosung Heavy Industries conducts extensive research on the hydrogen fueling system as it is considered the most efficient medium for storing new and renewable energies.

Because we believe hydrogen will be the backbone of the energy revolution that will change future humanity, we strive to construct hydrogen fuel infrastructure and achieve a paradigm shift to hydrogen through our continuous investment based on Hyosung Heavy Industries’ technological prowess. Our business focuses on the production and supply of liquefied hydrogen and preparing for the future of the hydrogen industry through continuous investment and research, including the production of green hydrogen. Through such effort, we aim to achieve the paradigm shift to hydrogen (clean energy) for "carbon neutrality," the common goal of humanity.

"Hyosung Heavy Industries' technologies are
headed towards
zero carbon."