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We realize a digital, multi-directional, and highly integrated energy system of the future
with IT solutions that concentrate the manufacturer's expertise.

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Power Automation Solutions

This solution supports comprehensive data management, including power plant and substation operation data acquisition, monitoring, protection, control, and substation data acquisition, maximizing the efficiency and convenience of system operation.

In addition, we offer the most effective power automation solutions, including system design, manufacturing, construction, and commissioning, based on the nation's top-tier technology and the expertise of our personnel.

As a total solution provider, Hyosung Heavy Industries is the leader in power automation solutions, ranging from transformers and circuit breakers to substation monitoring and control systems.

ECMS Solution

Our ECMS solution is a system that monitors, protects, and controls power facilities in power plants and substations, and offers the best system solutions from IEC 61850-based intelligent protective relays (IEDs) to human-machine interfaces at a higher level.

Bay Level
  • It includes protection relays, bay controllers, programmable logic controller (PLCs), and remote terminal units that meet the IEC 61850 standard, and obtains the status of transformers, bus, and feeder to transmits it to the upper system.
  • In the event of an accident, it controls the circuit breaker and receives commands from a higher level.
  • It employs IEDs, supports communication (GOOSE) between IEDs and fault recording, and facilitates the operation and maintenance of grids for the user.
  • The data collected from each device at the Bay Level is processed, categorized, and transmitted to the Station Level.
  • Using this, it executes the required logic, receives commands from the Station Level, and distributes them to each device on the Bay Level.
Station Level
  • It stores data from lower levels in order to display a graphical representation of the system's status.
  • Important data is processed as an event or alarm, allowing users to easily identify and print it. It receives instructions from the user, transmits them to a lower level, and displays the results.
  • Equipment for accident analysis and at the Bay Level can be configured remotely.

Engineering Technology

System Design

  • Grid analysis
  • System Design
  • Network Design


  • Input/Output test
  • Logic and sequence test
  • Reliability test

Engineering Technology

  • Expe-
  • Tech-
  • Experts


  • Quality management
  • Human error prevention
  • IEC compliance


  • Communication Network
  • Interconnection
  • Compatibility


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • Republic of Korea

    POSCO Gwangyang Steel, Sujeon S/S SAS

    • POSCO
  • Bhutan

    Bhutan Shinghigaon SAS

    • Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Republic of Korea

    Seoul Combined-Cycle Power Plant Units #1 & 2 ECMS

    • Korea Midland Power
  • Republic of Korea

    Seosan PV Power Plant S/S ECMS

    • Hyundai E&C
  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia Yanbu 2 Power & Water ENMC PKG #1 & 3

    • Hanwha E&C
  • Republic of Korea

    Taean Thermal Power Plant Units #9 & 10 ECMS

    • Korea Western Power


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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  • ISO45001



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