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We continue to develop new technologies that are at the forefront of the industry's megatrends.

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Hyosung Heavy Industries offers microgrid solutions integrating renewable energy sources and ESSs.

In island regions where power supply from the main grids are not economical, microgrids enable the provision of power from renewable energy sources by configuring independent power grids using photovoltaic (PV) power generation, wind power generation, diesel power generation, and ESS. The voltage and frequency of the grids are regulated through our ESS system.

We have successfully completed microgrid projects in Gasado and Gapado Islands based on our extensive experience and knowledge, and we offer competitive solutions to our clients via related patents and operating technologies.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Microgrid-related Patents

    • Energy Storage System connected to diesel generator, and connecting method thereof
    • Independent microgrid and control system of engine-generation thereof
    • Energy Storage System and storage method for wind generators
    • Method for operating an emergency generator using Energy Storage System
  • Microgrid Operation Technology

    • Operation technology based on forecasted solar energy generation
    • Control technology of diesel engine maximum efficiency operation point
    • Wind power output variability mitigation technology for microgrids


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • Republic of Korea

    Gapado 1MW/2.3MWh

    • Seogwipo, Jeju
  • Republic of Korea

    Gasado 1.25MW/3MWh

    • Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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