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Hyosung Heavy Industries, the No. 1 producer of electric motors in Korea,
is leading the global market for key products for industrial equipment.

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DC Motors

Hyosung Heavy Industries produces high-quality and reliable DC motors using the square lamination process.

Our DC motors have several notable features including fast and precise response, a wide range of speed options, minimal vibration and noise, easy maintenance, various installation options, strong environmental resistance, easy speed control, excellent torque characteristics, improved mechanical strength, and superior commutation capability.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Carefully Selected Materials and High Temperature Insulation

    • Stator and armature windings equipped with H-class insulation and a brush
    • Vacuum impregnation conducted with polyester varnish
  • Production of Diverse Products with Superior Operational Characteristics

    • Various cooling methods and protection grades utilized according to the IEC 34 standards
    • Easy speed control and remarkable torque characteristics

Purpose and Scope of Production

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.


  • For general purpose, molding extrusion, wire drawing, and stranding machines
  • For various cranes and presses
  • For ski lifts, cableways, and stage equipment
  • For cement and steel industries

Scope of Production

Cooling method IC06, IC01, IC17, IC37, IC410, IC416, IC666, IC86W
IP rating IP23S, IP44, IP54
Production capacity 1.5kW ~ 1,250kW


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