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Hyosung Heavy Industries, the No. 1 producer of electric motors in Korea,
is leading the global market for key products for industrial equipment.

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Low Voltage Motors

Hyosung Heavy Industries' low voltage motors are highly reliable due to our rigorous quality control standards and rational design that adheres to international standards such as IEC and NEMA.

Our low voltage motors are recognized for their quality in both domestic and international markets, and are considered to be the optimal choice for installation sites and purposes. Our motors are eco-friendly and high-performing, thanks to our innovative core design and optimized winding design.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Revolutionary Energy and Power Saving

    • Development of high-quality motors using an innovative iron core design and optimized winding design
  • Low Temperature Rise Extends Winding Insulation Life

    • Our motors reduce the motor loss by an average of 1.5 times longer than the conventional high efficiency winding insulation life
  • High Economic Feasibility and Compatibility

    • Our motors have a frame similar to that of high-efficiency motors and a smaller design than both the IEC and NEMA frames, enabling compatibility with premium-efficiency motors and reducing the initial investment cost
  • Excellent Efficiency

    • Our motors have excellent energy efficiency, surpassing the IE3 and NEMA Premium standards, and are designed to conserve energy even under actual load conditions
  • High Reliability

    • The use of a cast iron casing in the motor reduces vibration by improving structural rigidity, processing precision, and precision balancing
    • Our motors are designed with IP55 enclosures for protection against external foreign substances and reduced environmental impacts

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.

IEC Standard Motor(LV)

Hyosung Heavy Industries manufactures all types of low voltage motors that are compliant with IEC standards, including totally enclosed, semi-enclosed, flanged, and high-efficiency motors.

NEMA Standard Motor(LV)

Hyosung Heavy Industries' NEMA standard motors are designed to meet the requirements of the North American market by conforming to NEMA specifications. They are distinguished by their high efficiency.

Explosion-proof Motor(LV)

Hyosung Heavy Industries produces explosion-proof motors that can prevent explosions in places where electrical equipment is used and where there is a risk of flammable gases or vapors, such as petrochemical plants.


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