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Hyosung Heavy Industries, the No. 1 producer of electric motors in Korea,
is leading the global market for key products for industrial equipment.

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Special Motors

Hyosung Heavy Industries produces a range of electric motors designed for specific applications.

We provide customized motor solutions that are optimized for specific locations and functions.

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.

Marine Motor

  • Application of anti-corrosive frame
  • Reliable insulation system
  • Superior environmental resistance and durability
  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Excellent operational characteristics
  • Thruster motor for ships
  • Highly efficient and low-power start
  • Excellent motor control and superior compatibility with protection equipment

Inverter Duty Motor

  • Simple and precise low-frequency control (built-in encoder)
  • Excellent control characteristics
  • Reliable insulation system
  • Increased resistance to inverter switching surge voltage
  • Compatibility with the frames of standard products maintained
  • Enhanced compatibility with inverters
  • Highly efficient low-power startup
  • Cooling characteristics suitable for inverter operation

Wound Rotor Motor

  • Robust structure of rotor windings
  • Convenient brush replacement and maintenance
  • Stainless steel slip rings
  • Low-noise and low-vibration structural design

Pole Change Motor

  • Reliable insulation system
  • Excellent operational characteristics
  • Highly efficient low-power startup
  • Superior compatibility with motor control and safety apparatus
  • Suitable cooling characteristics for changing pole numbers

Aluminum Frame Motor

  • Miniaturization and lightweighting (15–45% reduction compared to the weight of a casting motor) achieved using aluminum with superior thermal conductivity and reinforced rigidity
  • Attractive exterior by applying aluminum die-casting
  • Compatible with casting frames and brackets
  • Protection grade IP54 applied
  • Detachable foot
  • Changeable location of terminal box (112 frames or more)

Traction Motor

  • The heat generated by secondary copper loss and iron loss is dissipated by an internal fan in the optimal cooling system, which rapidly vents the heat through the ventilation hole in the rotor iron core
  • Designed with a ventilation hole in the stator core to efficiently dissipate the heat generated by copper and iron losses
  • The insulation system and each wire are designed with a superior insulation performance of class 200, and the exterior insulation is provided with dielectric strength by using glass fiber tap
  • The use of the vacuum pressure impregnation method results in excellent resistance to moisture and abrasion
  • Optimized design for low-noise, stator frame designed to be cast welded, while the use of a trapezoidal copper bar with parallel rotor teeth maximizes space utilization
  • The utilization of a trapezoidal copper bar helps to minimize heat loss, which can extend the product's lifespan and reduce costs
  • The specialized fan design effectively reduces excessive noise generated during high-speed rotation

Line-start Permanent
Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • Has superior high-efficiency characteristics, with approximately 40% less energy lost compared to conventional induction motors
  • It is capable of operating more stably even when there are fluctuations in load and voltage conditions
  • Comparison of motor characteristics (high-efficiency induction motor, encased permanent magnet motor, induction starting-type permanent magnet motor)


  • The use of samarium-cobalt (SmCo) permanent magnets allows for reduction in size and weight
  • Environmental tests performed for vibration, temperature, humidity, and shock to ensure reliability
  • Reduction gear integrated design
  • Use of an aluminum alloy frame and a design that is more resistant to vibration and shock (for small brushless DC motors)
  • MIL standards applied