Business Areas

We will approach the realization of the new energy world with challenging business goals that are not complacent with the present

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Power Systems

Hyosung Heavy Industries’ power solution toward carbon neutrality creates a tomorrow with cleaner and safer eco-friendly grids.

Industrial Machinery

We achieve customer satisfaction by supplying various products trusted in Korean and overseas markets with our long years of technology development and expertise.


Hyosung Heavy Industries builds beautiful cities with our specialized technologies.

  • Construction


    We will continue to evolve and develop into a trend leader in residential culture through our persistent and unparalleled customer service.

  • Construction


    We have created the optimal locations and environment based on our advanced technology and outstanding construction capability, and we make relentless efforts to create beautiful cityscapes with our specialized technologies.

  • Construction

    Civil Engineering

    We are becoming a trusted construction company leading sustainable development by actively participating in large-scale engineering projects such as roads, bridges, and site renovation that require cutting-edge technologies.

  • Construction


    We have carried out electricity projects that require advanced technologies and accumulated specialized construction experiences by carrying out industrial facility construction projects that require a high level of expertise and new technologies.