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We provide optimized welding solutions based on excellent quality and performance and lead the market with continuous product development.

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Arc Welding Machines

As a comprehensive welding machine manufacturer, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been devoted to the development of the domestic welding machine industry and the creation of more superior products to meet the quality and performance standards of our customers.

Based on our power and electronics control technology and digital communication welding technology accumulated over the years, we have developed a fully digital ARC welder with our own technology and a great deal of experience and expertise in welding, enabling high-quality automobile welding.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Full-digital Welding Control Technology

    • First company in Korea to develop an inverter arc welder in 1992.
    • Automobile market-leading arc welding quality for robots based on high-speed neck control technology for low-spatter welding via high-speed digital control.
  • Robust Technology

    • Product design conforming to international standards and reliability verification by means of accelerated life tests ensure that failures do not occur under a variety of welding conditions, thereby enhancing operation rates.
  • Design Technology Customized to Customers (Sophisticated Technology)

    • We develop products to meet customer specifications as materials are modified to reduce the weight of automobile bodies and enhance corrosion resistance and safety, and are optimized for robots and general welding.
  • Global Robot Lineup

    • Interfaces including communication compatible with global robot manufacturers including ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, OTC, Kawasaki, and KUKA have been developed and arranged to meet customer requirements

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.

SCR (thyristor)-type CO₂/MAG Welder

ProPAC Series (350 A/500 A/600 A)
  • Possesses the most up-to-date capabilities to effectively address welding issues
  • Multi-functional model for manual gouging and welding
  • The hotstart wave control (HWC) control system ensures a smooth arc start
  • Enhanced stability through the incorporation of the ideal welding power protection circuit
  • Realization of zero-defect welding with proprietary CTE control circuit
  • Strengthened economic energy functions to lower electricity consumption

Inverter-type CO₂/MAG Welder

PFC Series (350 A/500 A/600 A/voltage combination)
  • Excellent arc characteristics
  • Aluminium welding function for all models
  • Also available for MV series input voltage, doubling control speed
  • Improved crater function

Full-digital-type Inverter CO₂/MIG/MAG/PULSE Welder Series

Zi-sol 350 Series(350L/350Z/350P/350B)
  • The PDC control function creates a welding database suitable for melting and preventing microshorts from occurring
  • Improved base material gap-bridge ability with low heat input and low spatter
  • Suitable for welding galvanized steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Rapid installation and commissioning with robot and automatic welder interfaces
  • Zero welding defect and failure rates

Submerged Welder Series (AC/DC)

(AC 1,500A/DC 1,500A/TANDEM)
  • Performs stable, high-efficiency welding across a broad range of welding current, from low to high
  • Durability/reliability capable of high-current continuous welding
  • Effective compensation for voltage drop due to long cable use
  • Reduction of no-load power loss cost and power circuit protection function
  • Improved work convenience by applying arc start stabilization and wire-base material welding prevention function
  • Carriage compatibility (general type 41, Lincoln LT-7 compatible)

Inverter-type Argon Welder Series

AC/DC TIG Series
(350A/500A/PRT-350 AD/PRT-500 AD)
  • Digital display
  • All welding conditions are easily configurable
  • The pulse sound produced during welding is significantly softer than that of other products
  • Compact and lightweight
DC TIG Series
  • Wide range of welding possible from thin to thick plates (0.3–8mm)
  • Optimal for welding in local construction
  • Simple TIG pulse adjustment
  • Instant arc start and stable arc characteristics

Inverter-type Plasma Cutter

DC Plasma Cutter Series
  • Economic model
  • Best for dispatched construction
  • Equipped with various protective functions
  • Cuts all metals cleanly without thermal deformation


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • Republic of Korea

    Hyundai Automotive Robot Project

    • ZiSOL
    • Delivered 350 digital welders
  • China

    Sungwoo Automobiles Project

    • ZiSOL
    • Delivered 230 digital welders
  • Japan

    FANUC Automotive Robot Project

    • PDC
    • Delivered 280 digital welders
  • Republic of Korea

    Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Project

    • ProPAC / PFC
    • Delivered 7,600 welders
  • Republic of Korea

    Samsung Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Project

    • ProPAC / PFC
    • Delivered 1,700 welders
  • Thailand

    ABB Automotive Robot Project

    • PDC
    • Delivered 60 digital welders


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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  • CE


  • ISO9001


  • ISO14001


  • ISO45001



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