Eco Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the center of the innovation to supply sustainable energy.
We continue the innovation of energy transformation for a better tomorrow.

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Renewable Energy

Hyosung Heavy Industries takes the lead in the Energy Transition for a sustainable energy system.

Hyosung Heavy Industries will continue to lead the green technology sector by developing and providing eco-friendly power generation systems using new and renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power.

  • Solar EPC

    Hyosung Heavy Industries has contributed to the development of the PV power business starting with the Samnangjin PV power station completed in 2007.

    We provide total solutions for PV power stations, including consultation, design, and construction, with our expertise accumulated through a number of projects carried out in Korea and around the world.

  • Solar Inverters

    Hyosung Heavy Industries' solar inverter GENTOPIA achieves high efficiency and high reliability through our power electronic technologies verified in the power sector for decades.

    The GENTOPIA series is a reliable solution that can maximize the benefits of PV power generation in line with the customer’s environment based on our manufacturing and quality control systems.

  • Wind farm

    As a leading company in the Korean wind power generation industry, Hyosung Heavy Industries developed the 750kW wind turbine for the first time in Korea in 2006, the 2MW offshore wind turbine in 2009, and the 5.5MW offshore wind turbine in 2014, establishing a full lineup of various models.

    We are a Global Clean Energy company realizing a human-centered and environment-centered society based on technology and comprehensive engineering capabilities.

"Hyosung Heavy Industries is creating a sustainable tomorrow
with our accumulated
and experiences."