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Our expertise in manufacturing key equipment for various industries, including petrochemicals, oil refineries, and oil&gas plants,
has earned us a distinguished reputation for both technology and quality.

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Chemical Equipments

Hyosung Heavy Industries offers chemical equipment designed for petrochemicals, oil refineries, and oil and gas plants.

Our aim is to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers by leveraging our 30 years of experience, expertise, and technology, which allows us to enhance customer satisfaction and deliver greater value.

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.


Towers and columns refer to cylindrical pressure vessels that stand vertically and are used to store fillers, catalysts, and trays for chemical reactions such as distillation, reaction, cleaning, and absorption. Hyosung Heavy Industries provides a total service, from design to manufacturing and shipping, in accordance with global standards such as ASME, PD 5500, JIS, and API, for columns ranging from general tray-type to large columns over 100m in height.

  • We offer a diverse range of columns, from small-sized to over 100m and 1500 tons
  • We have successfully designed and delivered products for major oil, gas, and petrochemical projects around the world
  • We strive to achieve customer satisfaction through our commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service


By taking part in major projects across North America, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as a track record of diverse delivery performance, Hyosung Heavy Industries has proven the reliability and safety of its products to customers. We have also manufactured and supplied heavy-walled drums with the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Pressure vessels and drums are types of containers used in chemical plants to store gases or liquids that can endure the vacuum and pressure requirements of the raw materials and intermediate products in various chemical processes.

  • Our products have been proven to be safe and reliable through participation in major projects in North America, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as a track record of diverse delivery performance
  • We design, produce, inspect, and ship pressure vessels that meet global standards such as ASME, PD 5500, JIS, API, and CELO, and we specialize in the manufacture and delivery of heavy-walled drums made from various materials which can withstand high temperatures and pressures


A reactor is a device used to contain two or more substances and separate the desired substances by inducing chemical and mechanical reactions through the use of a catalyst or an agitator. Hyosung Heavy Industries offers a range of reactors that are well-received by customers through strict quality control and follow-up management, ensuring their stability and reliability.

  • We provide a diverse range of products, reliable after-sales service, competitive pricing, and quality assurance
  • We have partnered with Sumitomo, a Japanese company, based on satisfaction of customer values

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a mechanism that enables the transfer of heat between two mediums of different temperatures by allowing them to come in contact with each other for cooling, condensation, heating, evaporation, and waste heat recovery. Hyosung Heavy Industries produces customized products to meet the specific requirements of our customers, including heat exchangers that are widely utilized in various industries such as petroleum refining, petrochemicals, and general chemical processes.

  • Based on our advanced technology and decades of experience, we have secured customer trust by producing and delivering a wide range of products, including coolers, reboilers, and condensers
  • We specialize in the production and delivery of high-quality shell and tube-type heat exchangers


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • Mexico

    Dos Bocas New Refinery Project

    • Client : PEMEX / Mexico
    • EPC : ICA Fluor / Mexico
    • Equipment : Columns 27 sets / 2,356 Ton
  • Mexico

    Dos Bocas New Refinery Project

    • Client : PEMEX / Mexico
    • EPC : Samsung Engineering
    • Equipment : Columns 8 sets / 2,002 Ton
  • Republic of Korea

    400 KTA Ulsan PP Project

    • Client : SK Advanced / Korea
    • EPC : SK E&C / Korea
    • Equipment : Loop Reactor 2 sets (4 Legs/set)
    • Licensor : Lyondellbasell
  • Singapore

    Chemical & Refinery Integrated Singapore Complex

    • Client : ExxonMobil / Singapore
    • EPC : Tecnicas Reunidas / Spain
    • Equipment : Columns 9 sets / 1,140 ton
  • Vietnam

    HSVC1 PP5 Project

    • Client : Hyosung Vina Chemicals / Vietnam
    • Equipment : Loop Reactor 2 sets (4 Legs/set)
    • Licensor : Lyondellbasell
  • Republic of Korea

    410,000 MTY mPE Plant

    • Client : DL Chemical / Korea
    • EPC : DL E&C / Korea
    • Equipment : Gas Phase Reactor / 252 Ton


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