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Best Family Friendly Management

Best Family Friendly Management certification is a certification granted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to businesses and public institutions that model family-friendly systems, including childbirth and childrearing support, a flexible work system, and a family-friendly workplace culture.

Hyosung Heavy Industries supports the work-life balance of employees by actively operating a family-friendly system, and promotes the dissemination of a culture of respect for human rights. We have maintained the certification since our initial acquisition in 2015.

Certification agency Certification Place of business Country Date of expiry Notes Download
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Best Family Friendly Management Hyosung Heavy Industries Republic of Korea Nov. 30, 2023   Korean

Recognition as a CSR Company

Recognition as a CSR Company

The CSR in the Community is a system by which the local community recognizes the contributions of businesses and institutions that have partnered with non-profit organizations and consistently performed community contribution activities. The system is jointly operated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korean Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare.

Since 2019, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been recognized for four consecutive years as a CSR company in recognition of its volunteer activities and contributions to local communities.