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Talent Development direction

The talent development direction of Hyosung Group is to cultivate global talent to achieve value management through global excellence. To achieve this, we have set spreading core values, nurturing leaders, and enhancing on-site capabilities as the mission of the Hyosung HRD Institute.

Hyosung Talent Development Strategy

  • Sharing management philosophy
  • Strengthening
    global capabilities
  • Leadership
  • Enhancing professionalism
    in job skills

Spreading core values

We spread the core values, management policies, and desirable attitudes and behaviors that employees should have to all employees.

Nurturing leaders

Leadership training

Leadership training is a strategic tool used to develop and implement Hyosung's vision and core tasks. Various leadership development programs are provided for each level, aiming to foster team leaders and ultimately develop management leaders who will lead Hyosung.

Enhancement of on-site competency

We aim to achieve global excellence in value management by enhancing the field capabilities of all employees through step-by-step training programs provided for each position, including sales, production, research, and management.

Internal Adaptation Program

Hyosung operates an internal adaptation program to help newly hired employees quickly adapt to the organization and demonstrate their capabilities. The training targets are newly hired employees, including new employees selected through open recruitment, experienced employees who join through irregular recruitment, and externally recruited executives. Hyosung plans to continuously manage and maintain the internal adaptation program to provide various programs that meet the diverse needs in the rapidly changing internal and external human resource management environment.

Internal Adaptation Program
Target Internal Adaptation Program
New employees
  • Group orientation program consisting of Hyosung's core values, history, business skills, and lectures by experts
  • Guest lectures by external experts
  • Introduction training for headquarters and business locations by each business department for understanding the business and job
  • OJT program
Experienced employees
  • Quarterly training that introduces the core values, organizational culture, organizational systems, and internal systems of the new organization
Sales executives
  • One-on-one coaching with a full-time professor to understand management status, organizational systems, and corporate culture and philosophy after joining the company

Training Program for Practicing Social Responsibility

In response to the growing emphasis on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), Hyosung provides training programs on related topics throughout the company. We provide sustainability management training programs for our employees, including an overview of ESG management and legal compliance training, covering seven areas such as environment, ethics, safety/health, fair trade, human rights, and information security.

Sustainability management training for employees

  • Environmental Training

    • GHGs and global warming
    • Hazardous chemicals
  • Ethical Management

    • Anti-corruption guide
    • Reported corruptions
  • Safety/Health

    • Work environment management
    • Safety management guidelines
    • Health management
  • Fair Trade

    • Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act
    • Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act
    • Fair Agency Transactions Act
  • Human Rights

    • Prevention of discrimination and harassment
    • Prevention of sexual harassment
    • Raising disability awareness
  • Information Security

    • Raising security awareness
    • Privacy protection
  • Overview of ESG Management

    • Understanding ESG management
    • Corporate social responsibility (brand)