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ESG brand identity of the entire Hyosung Group

Keywords define the values supporting the efforts of Hyosung Group's members and stakeholders in the supply chain for the development of the four major ESG categories and incorporate Hyosung's efforts to consider the socially underprivileged into basic values that should be contained among the existing values Hyosung Chemical's ESG brand will also use the unified platform of the group. However, the unique ESG brand identity of Hyosung Chemical was developed separately with continuity and consistency.

  • Circular Economy
    Setting the target to create a circular economy that requires collaboration with all stakeholders in the supply chain, from end-users to raw material suppliers

    Team Up

    (for circular ecomomy)
  • Carbon Neutrality
    Achieving innovation in carbon neutrality that involves meticulous observation and continuous improvement across all aspects of production and consumption ranging from resource-saving to energy efficiency improvement at large

    Act Together

    (toward Net-Zero)
  • New Energy
    Requiring a diligent DNA of Hyosung that tirelessly endeavors to replace fossil energy with hydrogen and renewable energy, which cannot be achieved simultaneously

    Best Efforts

    (to realize the next renewable energy)
  • Energy Redesign
    In addition to saving resources, it is necessary to redesign the energy system by building a smart energy network from product materials to parts operation systems

    Design Smart

    (to reduce waste & risks)
Ceaseless innovation and efforts to adapt to every generation’s (sustainable) future based on Hyosung's technological DNA
A company suggesting innovation and solutions for a better future for every generation
Reply to Every Generation's Future

Team Up

(Circular economy and concern for the socially disadvantaged)

Act Together

(Carbon reduction)

Best Efforts

(Hydrogen and renewable energy)

Design Smart

(Energy and resource saving, efficiency increase)
Reply to Every Generation’s Future

Brand As Product

  • Plastic regeneration for circular economy
  • Bio-based raw materials and biodegradable materials that contribute to the environment
  • Materials, solutions, and distribution services that accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen and renewable energy
  • Product design that considers the socially vulnerable

Brand As Organization

  • A leader in achieving a plastic circular economy focusing on materials and ecosystem
  • A leader in developing and adopting eco-friendly plastic technologies and products
  • A company Sparing no effort in developing technology for hydrogen and renewable energy
  • A company that incorporates the needs of the socially disadvantaged into product and solution designs

Brand Value Proposition

  • Creating a virtuous cycle for the plastic ecosystem to enhance the inherent functions of plastics while minimizing their disposal
  • Relentless efforts to research, development, and commercialization of products that contribute to sustainability, including bio-based raw materials and biodegradable materials
  • Energy sources that advance carbon neutrality (e.g. hydrogen, renewable energy)
  • Products and practices that contribute to the carbon neutrality of processes through energy-saving
  • A leader in design and employment for the socially disadvantaged

Brand-Customer Relationship

  • To Media : A solution provider with the ability to restore the intended value of plastic in the beginning
  • To the Public : The company that addresses environmental issues and gives hope
  • To Investors : The company worth being on the list for value investment for its sustainability and stability
  • To Employees : A growing company with great pride, which is participating in change, worthy of long-term employment, and highly recommendable to the acquaintances