Eco Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the center of the innovation to supply sustainable energy.
We continue the innovation of energy transformation for a better tomorrow.

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Eco Power Products

Hyosung Heavy Industries leads the decarbonization of grids through the development of power equipment with highly efficient and eco-friendly materials.

We reduce the potential of environmental pollution in innovative ways through our transformers that use eco-friendly oils and switchgear powered by eco-friendly gases.

  • 400kV Eco-friendly transformer

    Eco-friendly Transformer

    Reducing energy loss during operation is crucial as carbon emission during the use phase is extremely high when examining the life cycle assessment (LCA) of transformers.

    Hyosung Heavy Industries provides the best eco-friendly solutions to customers with our unrivaled low-dissipation and high-efficiency technology and low-noise technology.

    We are also the leading manufacturer of ester oil transformers that are insulated with biodegradable vegetable oil or synthetic ester oil.

  • 170kV Eco GIS

    Eco-friendly GIS (Gas-Insulated Switchgear)

    In case of conventional gas-insulated switchgear, SF6 gas is the most crucial carbon emitter.

    Hyosung Heavy Industries' switchgear design technology minimizes the amount of gas and gas leakage. Also Hyosung Heavy Industries has developed eco-friendly GIS that use eco-friendly gases, thereby reducing more than 99% of GHG emissions.

  • Pro MV GIS (DAIS)

    Eco-friendly MV/LV Switchgear

    Hyosung Heavy Industries' Pro MV GIS is used in various environments that require high reliability, safety, and minimal installation area.

    Our dry-air-insulated switchgear (DAIS) uses dry air, an eco-friendly insulation medium, thereby achieving a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0.

"Hyosung Heavy Industries' green technology is by us in our daily lives."