ESG Brand Overview

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Story of RE:GEN's Origin

Hyosung Group's ESG brand RE:GEN is developed to contain the technology making customers' daily lives more valuable, eco-friendly will, and the vision to pioneer the future, and to specifically approach the end customers/customer companies, society/humanity, and internal members. Hyosung Heavy Industries' ESG brand will also use the unified platform of the group

  • Direction of Group Identity A company pursuing
    eco-friendly technology
    innovation for customers,
    the planet, and the future
    A company that earns customers' trust with leading technologies and strives to ensure an innovative future in terms of the environment
  • Philosophy and technology converge
    for enhanced customer experiences

    Values related to
    fairness and transparency

    Internal business environment to
    reinforce customer value

    Enhancement of connectivity with
    end-user’s daily routine
    Upholding the trust in customers

    Willingness and skills to realize ESG values

    Green Will & Green Technology

    Internal business environment that
    accelerates ESG leadership

    Long-term focus on humanity
    Technology-based practice

    Vision and technology where
    in innovation leads the way

    Balance between coexistence
    and innovation

    Internal business environment
    that materializes vision

    Happiness and quality of life
    for its employees Reinforcing
    organizational culture
    in an innovative way
"A happier and more sustainable future for all generations to enjoy today and tomorrow”
Vision and mission integrated with Hyosung’s core strengths

We collect ideas and knowledge
from diverse fields and
pave a better way to pave the way
“for a better future of all”

Brand Mission of Hyosung Group

Ceaseless innovation and efforts to adapt to every generation’s (sustainable) future based on Hyosung's technological DNA

Brand Vision of Hyosung Group

A company suggesting innovation and solutions
for a better future for every generation

Addressing global challenges of the time
  • Today’s generation
  • Endeavor to address the immediate business realities while working towards solving present-day issues
Well-being of coming generations
  • The desires of the majority on the planet to ensure future generations can experience the same prosperity as the current generation
  • “Reply to Every
    Generation's Future”
Core structure of Hyosung ESG telling
  • Starting point of promoting ESG Happiness and future of
    all generations face a crisis
  • Capabilities of HyosungTechnologies and experiences in developing materials and saving energy
  • New ecosystem that Hyosung
    intends to open up
    Establishing a new ecosystem of nature and energy with the cooperation of
    global society and each entity
  • Threats against Hyosung ESG Clear dissenting opinion on greenwashing
  • Circular Economy & Carbon Neutrality Immediate realization of tangible business
  • Hydrogen and Renewable Energy & Energy Redesign Promoting to reflect it on major materials and product designs Succeeding Flagships based on Circular Economy & Carbon Neutrality
  • An exemplary ESG company achieved
    through eco-friendly innovative technology
    An exemplary company implementing ESG
    based on eco-friendly technology