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Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the center of the innovation to supply sustainable energy.
We continue the innovation of energy transformation for a better tomorrow.

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Grid Enhancement Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries creates stable grids capable of supplying and utilizing clean energy by enhancing the flexibility and resilience of the grid.

We lead the development of key technologies used in the next-generation grid system including energy storage systems (ESSs), STATCOM, DC T&D System, and microgrids.

  • Energy Storage Systems (ESSs)

    As a leading company of ESS, Hyosung Heavy Industries supplies ESS for various applications, including integration of new and renewable energies, frequency regulation, peak shaving, and independent microgrids.

    Our ESS is composed of highly efficient and highly reliable ESS PCS, EMS applicable to various applications, and batteries with optimal capacity and performance. We provide the full range of solution ranging from customized ESS consultation to system establishment, operation, and maintenance.


    STATCOM is a core technology of eco-friendly power systems, as it stabilizes the voltage fluctuation using power electronics technology, and solves the issue of decline in power quality due to the increase of renewable energies.

    Hyosung Heavy Industries’ STATCOM provides solutions that are friendly to both people and nature due to its low-harmonic, low-noise, and compact design.

  • DC T&D System

    DC solution is the next-generation technology that shifts the paradigm from the existing alternating current (AC) systems to AC/DC hybrid systems. If a new transmission line cannot be built due to issues in nature preservations, the existing AC line can be switched to DC to increase transmission capacity by more than double its existing capacity.

    DC also allows spatial efficiency and has environmental benefits as it does not generate electromagnetic waves and the space required is smaller than AC transmission lines. Hyosung Heavy Industries leads the way in establishing an eco-friendly, next-generation power ecosystem by developing our own converters, and control system, which are core technologies for DC solutions.

  • Microgrids

    Microgrids enable the supply electricity generated from new and renewable energy sources by configuring an independent grid using solar panels, wind turbines, and ESSs. They also maximize energy efficiency by voltage and frequency control.

"Hyosung Heavy Industries creates cleaner
and safer eco-friendly solutions through continuous research
and development in
high-voltage transmission technology."