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  • Hyosung Heavy Industries’ values
    in the past, present,
    and even in the future are the people
    and technology.

    We practice the values of our technology at every moment as a company offering energy solutions to people and our customers on the basis of trust and quality with the best experienced technicians and long history in the energy business taking care of people’s daily lives.

  • We strive to develop better energy technologies
    and technologies that create better lives and further consider people.

    The technologies of Hyosung Heavy Industries
    are created by people who are considerate of people.
    The trust between our members creates better
    technologies and those technologies create
    trust between us and our customers, which then gives
    people access to safer and more reliable energy.

We are a company working for the people with technologies made by people that create bigger values by enhancing the quality of lives and taking care of the necessities in daily lives with our greatest competitiveness as the best technologies based on the sincerity of working for the people and the expertise of our internal members.

We endeavor to make technologies for better energy solutions and improved lives.

Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow, Hyosung Heavy Industries