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Shunt Reactors

By compensating for reactive power caused by transmission line capacitance, shunt reactors are effective at improving the efficiency and stability of power grids.

Hyosung Heavy Industries, which already began developing 345kV 100/200MVAr shunt reactors in 1997, is capable of producing up to 765kV maximum voltage and 250 MVAr reactive power, which can be used for a variety of applications, including compensating reactive power of underground cables, or connecting renewable energy sources.

We provide customized solutions including variable shunt reactors and reactors with auxiliary windings.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Variable Shunt Reactor

    • Flexible handling is possible by adjusting the reactance according to the varying load.
    • When used in networks with high load fluctuations, it helps enhance the reliability of the system and reduces reactor failure rate.
  • Reactor with Auxiliary Winding

    • If a power station is installed far from a low voltage power line, this is a more economical way to obtain station service power.
  • Green Technology

    • Utilizing low-noise technology allows operation even in substations near residential areas.
    • By utilizing eco-friendly ester oil, it can be operated without concern for pollution or fire.


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • United States

    765kV 50MVAr Shunt Reactor

    • USA, substation
    • We are the primary supplier of Shunt Reactors in the North American market
  • India

    765kV 110MVAr Shunt Reactor

    • PGCIL, substation
    • Delivered multiple 765kV shunt reactors to PGCIL in India
  • Denmark

    400kV 100MVAr Shunt Reactor

    • ENERGINET DK, substation
    • Kasso Substation Project
    • Delivered 400kV 100MVAr shunt reactor
  • Kuwait

    400kV 250MVAr Shunt Reactor

    • MEW, substation
    • Delivered 400kV 250MVAr shunt reactor
  • Republic of Korea

    345kV 100–200MVAr VSR

    • Korea Electric Power Corporation, substation
    • Delivered 345kV 100–200MVAr VSR
  • Australia

    275kV 40–50MVAr Variable Shunt Reactor (VSR)

    • ElectraNet, substation
    • Daven Port Project
    • Delivered 275kV 40–50MVAr VSR


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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