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Hyosung Heavy Industries is the first to fulfill its promise to contribute to a more sustainable world.

As a world leader in providing products, services, and technical expertise vital to the core of industrial energy production, Hyosung Heavy Industries has gained knowledge and a level of sophistication about this industry that cannot be matched by companies without our worldwide experience. One benefit of working with us is we respond to various market drivers with competitive business capabilities and unique technology.

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution in the field of heavy electric power, Hyosung is uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact on the world by delivering power grid systems such as ESS and STATCOM; responding flexibly and promptly to new growth industries – including new and renewable energy – and thinking innovatively in line with changes in global customers’ environmental awareness.

We are leading the way in reducing carbon emissions and creating eco-friendly energy systems by applying eco-friendly technologies to our major areas of business. We are committed to achieving the goal of Net-Zero and actively developing advanced technologies by taking a leadership role in moving us towards a sustainable energy society. To reach this goal, Hyosung is stepping up its efforts to be a leader in building a future energy source, the hydrogen ecosystem, for you.

In the construction sector, based on our brand value represented by elegance and convenience, we focus on housing and construction businesses and renew our efforts to secure stable growth engines by entering various new business sectors.

In the future, Hyosung Heavy Industries will fulfill its role as an energy company leading the low-carbon, green life era under the slogan of “Total Energy Solution Leader for Tomorrow.” In addition, with the vision of being a “Global No. 1 Solution Company Leading the Era of Transformation”, Hyosung Heavy Industries will fulfill its promise to “provide essential energy for and by people” by valuing people and technology, the very essence of business, as the foundation for our success.

Thank you.

CEO Takeshi Yokota

Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation, drawing upon over half a century of experience and accumulated technological expertise, has firmly established its presence in the global market.

Specifically, the Construction Division is actively involved in diverse sectors, spanning housing, architecture, and civil engineering. Through our premium residential brand, 'Harrington Place,' we aspire to provide a comfortable and cozy living environment that elevates the customer's sense of dignity. Furthermore, we are exploring various new business sectors to secure a stable growth driver.

Looking ahead, Hyosung Heavy Industries' Construction Division will pioneer the development of eco-friendly urban infrastructure in the low-carbon green life era, employing advanced technological capabilities to adapt to shifts in the industrial paradigm. We also remain steadfast in our commitment to ESG practices, fulfilling social responsibilities, and delivering top-notch results that not only meet customer expectations but also contribute to shaping a better future for humanity.

Thank you.

CEO Yang, Dong Gie