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We provide optimized welding solutions based on excellent quality and performance and lead the market with continuous product development.

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Resistance Welding Machines

Hyosung Heavy Industries' resistance welding machine provides excellent products and welding technology in various use environments by material characteristics such as automobiles and home appliances, etc.

Our resistance welders are exported to various countries, including Japan and China, and their performance and quality have been recognized by customers worldwide.

Features and Benefits

We offer specialized solutions based on superior technology.

  • Resistance Welding Design and Manufacturing Technology

    • We have developed controllers and transformers for resistance welding used in automobile, appliance, and semiconductor manufacturing.
    • We are expanding our supply of ODM products to not only Korea but also Japan and China by leveraging superior design and manufacturing technologies.
  • Diverse Delivery Performance

    • Our resistance welders are exported to the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, and their performance and quality have been acknowledged globally. We strive to continually add innovation to the development of our resistance welding technologies and products demanded by our customers.
  • Robust Technology

    • We improve product quality by means of design and reliability testing in order to meet customers' diverse welding environment stability requirements.
  • Resistance Welding Controller

    • In-house design technology for passive robots and portable MFDC/AC inverters and AC SCR controllers.
    • Using adaptive control, the current is automatically adjusted during welding to ensure excellent welding quality regardless of sorting, adhesives, or gaps in the use environment.
  • User Convenience

    • Resistance welding controller enables simple welding conditions and quality control settings via touch screen or network application.
  • Resistance Welding Transformer

    • The inverter transformer is designed with a structure that can respond to robots and IT-GUNs and is easily parallel-configurable for increased output.
    • Products with inverter frequency and compact design that differ from the ISO standard design are available.
  • Competitive Pricing and Excellent Quality

    • A cost-effective, portable, multi-AC transformer that satisfies customer requirements for quality.

Product Classification

Discover custom solutions that meet your needs.

Inverter Adaptive Control Timer Controller

Inverter/Adaptive Control/M Series
  • Adaptive control by series, constant current control
  • 400–2,000 Hz MFDC inverter transformer with maximum output of 600 A at 10% usage rate
  • Integrated welding data record of the most recent 1,000 points and welding waveform record of the most recent 54 points
  • Monitoring of welding results including current, voltage, resistance, and power allowable range monitoring
  • Inspection of electrode tip dressing using voltage detection
  • Electro-pneumatic proportional valve output – Options: up to 5 V or 10V
  • Easy welding condition setting and monitoring with a 7-inch touch screen (optional) (available languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese)
  • HTB-25 teaching box (optional) RS-485 connection (available languages: Korean, English, and Chinese)
  • Can manage up to 160 units with the VNET Network program
  • VRC adaptive control setting and monitoring program support
  • I/O and fieldbus modules available: DeviceNet, DIO, CC-Link, Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP

MFDC Inverter Transformer Series

TSP Series/N Series/NP Series/UL Series
  • Manufactured according to ISO standards
  • Capable of precise control
  • Provides excellent output characteristics

TC/TR Integrated Transformer

TP Series
  • Air piping system
  • Water cooling piping system
  • Excellent cooling by exterior air with aluminium frame and exposed iron core design
  • Kickless cable, 2-wire combination
  • Smooth flow during work with built-in swivel bearings


Our track records speak for ourselves.

  • Republic of Korea

    Hyundai Motors Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 100
    • inverter TRs
  • Korea, US, China, India, Czech Republic & Russia

    Sungwoo Hitech Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 1,200 units of M600 (TC) / inverter TRs
  • Korea, US & China

    Sewon Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 3,000 units of M600 (TC) / inverter TRs
  • Malaysia

    PHN Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 100 units of SP-400MT (TC) / inverter TRs
  • Republic of Korea

    Ajin Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 300 units of M600 (TC) / inverter TRs
  • Republic of Korea

    Dailin Tech Automobiles Project

    • Delivered 200 units of M600 (TC) / inverter TRs


We adhere to global standards and maintain an environment of the highest quality.

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  • ISO9001


  • ISO14001


  • ISO45001



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