Eco Solutions

Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the center of the innovation to supply sustainable energy.
We continue the innovation of energy transformation for a better tomorrow.

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Digital Solutions

Going beyond the development of eco-friendly products, Hyosung Heavy Industries accomplishes eco-friendliness by creating digital solutions using sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), and information and communications technology (ICT).

We are leading eco-friendly next-generation energy systems by improving system reliability and stabilizing the operation of power equipment through our differentiated technologies and decades of know-how.

  • Asset Performance Management Solutions (ARMOUR)

    ARMOUR is a solution to provide systematic management service during the life cycle of facility assets that integrates our expertise as a power equipment manufacturer to products, services, and operating systems. The system provides risk assessments of assets and optimal maintenance strategies with analysis models based on our 30 years of data in design, manufacturing, and maintenance and digital data from substations.

  • Preventive & Diagnostic Solutions

    Sensors installed in power equipment collect and analyze facility operation data in real-time to detect anomalies in advance.

    They promote the stable operation of grids and the enhancement of power quality by preventing operation interruptions due to unanticipated accidents at major power facilities in advance.

  • Power Automation Solutions

    This solution supports comprehensive data management, including power plant and substation operation data acquisition, monitoring, protection, control, and substation data acquisition, maximizing the efficiency and convenience of system operation.

  • Process Automation Solutions

    There are various industry fields that require automatic process control, including water treatment, incineration, chemical manufacturing, and textiles.

    The control system is divided into subunits suited to each field, and these subunits carry out their designated functions.

"Hyosung Heavy Industries designs and creates multi-directional
and highly
integrated future energy systems."