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CSR Strategy

Hyosung identifies the actual needs of local communities, seeks out target individuals and listens to their feedback, and develops mid- to long-term strategies with NGOs and specialized organizations. Hyosung does not settle for one-time assistance, but instead strives to be sustainable. We wish to realize a society in which beneficiaries can stand on their own two feet. In addition, Hyosung strives to coexist with local communities by strengthening our business-related social contribution activities.

Hyosung conducts social contribution activities based on three themes: aiding vulnerable groups domestically and internationally, sponsoring cultural and artistic endeavors, and providing assistance to patriots and veterans. Chairman Hyun-joon Cho stated, "As an entrepreneur, I will focus on management and investment to contribute to the economic revitalization, as well as to fulfill my social responsibilities to provide practical assistance to my neighbors," demonstrating that Hyosung is fostering a culture of engaging in social contribution.

A company that empowers beneficiaries to pioneer their future through education and sharing

“We will stand with you through sharing.”

Top 3 themes

"Aiding vulnerable groups domestically and internationally," "sponsoring cultural and artistic endeavors," and "providing assistance to patriots and veterans" comprise the focus of our social contribution activities.

Major Projects


Social Contribution Awards

  • 2015 ~ present

    Excellent Culture and
    Arts Supporting Organization

    Excellent Culture and Art Supporting Organization is a certification program for organizations and businesses that promote or serve as a model for sponsorship activities in the field of culture and arts. Since 2015, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has recognized Hyosung as an Excellent Culture and Arts Supporting Organization. Our continuous support in the field of culture and the arts has been highly acknowledged, including our sponsorship of Yeonwoo Theater, a theater company in Daehangno; protection activities for Changdeokgung Palace; and assistance with the production of musicals to raise awareness of violence prevention.

  • 2018 ~ present

    Korean Heritage Guardian

    Since 2018, Hyosung, as a protector of cultural assets, has made efforts to preserve valuable cultural assets and clean the surrounding areas.
    In 2021, we, together with the Arumjigi Foundation, were selected as an outstanding company for our contribution to the preservation of cultural assets in recognition of our participation in the lighting and interior restoration project for Daejojeon Pavilion and Huijeongdang Shrine of Changdeokgung Palace.

  • 2021

    Veterans Culture Award

    Hyosung was the sole recipient of the Veterans Culture Award from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs in 2021. The award was given to acknowledge our contributions, including the housing support aimed at improving the living conditions of people of national merit and the delivery of AI care robots to elderly people of national merit living alone who faced restrictions with in-person activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.